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Revival Festival Goodwood 2018

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Ever since I was first taken along to Goodwood Revival Festival many years ago I was determined it was an event I wanted to work. Whilst my boyfriend at the time was desperately trying to educate me on the 'sweet' sounds of a V8 engine I was mesmerised by the costumes and entertainment which was everywhere. It felt like I'd gone back in time as everyone was dressed to impress.

This year I finally got the chance to realise my dream. We (Toxi and myself) were lucky enough to assist that Lisa Sampson off the telly with her fire show (she's not a big fan of fire dancing herself, who can blame her with all that hair!) at the one and only evening dinner.

The attention to detail behind the scenes is second to none - all our outfits and costumes had to have the okay from the costume department to check authenticity to the theme, and the makeup and costume team worked tirelessly from first thing to late at night to make sure all the actors, bar staff and team were looking their best at all times.

Lisa Sampson performed her show set during the day at the Hula Bar - Wham-o Hula Hoops are celebrating their 60 year anniversary and it was a big hit. Then back to the dressing rooms to get ready for the evening fire show.

The theme changes every year for the special evening meal and this year was Steampunk. After a quick Google I discovered it is one sexy theme for costumes! Victorianesque (which is totally a word) costuming but set in the future where steam engineering is prevalent. That's the gist I got from Wiki anyways.

The set up for the diners was just incredible. We had a walk through earlier in the day so we could risk assess (and have a nosy) and you didn't know where to look first! On to the fire show and it went without a hitch - the audience were amazing and we had two Spitfire aircraft land right behind us mid show - talk about your amazing backing acts!

Check out some of the photos and snapshots from the day.

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