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  • Who is Circus Brighton and what do you do?
    We're a small and local team of circus performers who love to attend events, schools and parties to bring the circus experience to everyone. Most of us are also children's entertainers which brings and extra element of fun and giggles to all our performances. Book us to bring the circus experience to a children's party, workshop or any event that needs some extra circus pazazz!
  • What is a circus party?
    Our children's party entertainment brings the circus experience to your party and it's one of our most favourite events to do as most of us are children's entertainers as well! We bring all our circus fun and start with a demonstration, after which the children get to try out all the skills before performing in their own circus show at the end. Our parties are hosting by professional circus performers, unlike some 'circus themed' parties out there, so you know the children will be getting an authentic experience in learning circus skills. You can even add on extra performances (like a little fire show!) should you want to make your party really memorable!
  • How much are your circus parties?
    Our circus skill parties are all set in price but travel may differ depending on where you are located - so just drop us an email or call with your rough location and we can send you the right prices with all the details, as well as some special extra entertainment options for you to choose from!
  • Do I need to book a venue?
    Short answer - Yes Although large back gardens and parks also work well! We travel all over to parties and events and can set up pretty much anywhere, although obviously with circus skills the more space available the better! We can recommend some good halls in your area or you could check out a local park or grass space if it's permitted - either way, we have portable kits and can set up in most places!
  • How long does it take to set up a children's party?
    About 20-30 minutes, unless you've booked the circus ring and backdrop in which case we're going to need about 60 minutes beforehand to set everything up.
  • Do you stop for a food break?
    For our two hour parties we stop half way through for the party tea.
  • What is a 'fire show'?
    Our fire shows are scaled for each event - so for a children's party it would be a shorter solo performer with safety explanation beforehand, whereas weddings and larger events could have multiple performers and performances throughout.
  • How do I book?
    We like to make sure each party and event is tailored to your needs, so just drop us an email with your rough location and an idea as to what your event is or what you might want, and we can give you our best ideas and prices for what would work. Booking forms will then be sent out so everything is clearly explained and we know where we're going and the finer details we need to make sure it's perfect for you, and then payment information is attached to this. Deposits are due immediately to secure your date - which are currently fully refundable and transferrable to a new date if needed (due to the crazy Covid world we are now living in) for your peace of mind, then the difference in payment will be due a minimum of 24 hours before your event date. Payments currently accepted are PayPal, bank transfer, cheque and credit cards through PayPal.
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