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Beginner Hooping Course

Collect the special codes in each video as you complete the course and email us for your certificate at the end!

Download your own code collector document here:

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Beginner Hula Hooping Course

Follow above or direct on our YouTube Channel:


DON'T MISS YOUR CODES! (See below for more details)

Learn with Lily Lou at Circus Brighton how to hula hoop like a pro. Follow our beginner course for some amazing hooping moves and flow.

Make sure you keep watching and collect your code for your end certificate! Collection template can be found above

VIDEO CODE FOR LESSON #1 IS - WAHO2019 - Other codes will be embedded in the video towards the end so watch out and collect them all!

Credits - 
Lily - follow insta @ fairy_lily_lou
end music -


Where to get a beginner hoop?
HoopSpin -
FireToys -
Oddballs -

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