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A great addition to any party or even just on their own, hire one of our facepainters and they can create beautiful or scary creations! For the older children we can provide basic makeovers (never 'Barbie' style!) and we even do full body painting for adults - very popular for Halloween events.

Our artists can do roughly 10/15 quality faces/makeovers per hour, if you have more children we can downsize the scale slightly so everybody gets something or we can bring in more artists.

Arriving dressed for your theme our artists are not only a great addition to a children's party but fantastic at adult celebrations, pre-clubbing, fetes, Christmas parties, weddings, divorces, sleepovers, boring Sunday evenings... the list goes on...

Each facepainter/makeover artist is priced per hour.

All our facepaints for children are water based and wash off with soap and water. We can do allergy tests beforehand for our special effects makeup and body painting where requested.

Available for adult designs as well as children, our highly skilled artists can do body painting, get you ready for Halloween, fundraise money for your PTA event, and paint lots of excited children in super fun time! 

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