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Walkabout Artists (Stilt Walkers and Ground Characters)

Some walk, some bounce, some stride high, but whichever way they get around they are all amazing fun at your event!

Our walkabout artists are perfect for a spectacular welcome, queue busting, entertainment on the go and for keeping crowds moving as they'll be spotted from a great distance!

Current favourites this year have been our 'circus in a suitcase', walkabout hula hoop performer, bouncy butterfly and - new this year is our Bubblemania walkabout supercart! Blowing bubbles everywhere and anywhere! 

We have floor based performers, characters and entertainers, as well as stilt walkers, with so many different costumes they take up a whole room to store! Just tell us your theme (or crazy idea) and we'll either match a character costume or create a brand new one.

Walkabout characters can entertain children and adults, with circus skills, comedy, bubbles, balloons and fun tailored to your theme or event.

Whatever your event type we've got the character for you. We can advise what works best for your type of event and even create new costume characters to make it really perfect.

Stilt walkers and welcome characters can be perfect to welcome your guests at fetes, festivals, parties and Sunday dinner. Start any event and keep crowds entertained, we can even make sure everyone is moving in the right direction for large event entrances.


Eye catching costumes including light up versions for night time and glow spinning performers to really wow your guests in the dark!


Contact us now and see how we can bring something special to your event!

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