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Two Hour Circus Kids Party


  • Circus Skill Demonstration

  • Exploration Time

  • Circus Challenges 

  • Pass the Parcel

  • Mini Show by the children as grand finale!

  • Circus Medal for the birthday child

  • Certificate and Prizes for everyone!

showtime audience.jpg

Enjoying the finale show in our circus ring setup

The best in kid's party entertainment! Our child friendly circus equipment includes everything needed to introduce basic circus skills, and its hardy enough for the most robust use! We bring hula hoops, diabolos, various juggling tools, spinning plates, flower/devil sticks, contact staff, gym ribbons, spinning poi, pedal racers and our mini clown bike. 

Running Schedule:

Children's party structures can vary due to space available, amount of children and their energy levels, but roughly starting off with freeplay on all circus equipment (upon arrival), full equipment skill demonstration followed by fun circus challenges and games (with music) which brings us to the end of the first hour. If time we'll also arrange the children if any parents want a quick photo as a memento.

We march the children round (circus parade style!) to their party tea and reset all equipment ready for when the children have finished eating (usually between 15-30 minutes). When they've finished eating is a great time to do the birthday cake, before we have all the children back for the second half - ready for pass the parcel, show rehearsals and the grand finale showtime (parents are welcome to return 10 minutes early so they can watch!) and award ceremony.

Extras - for an extra special circus experience, you can add one of our extras such as:

  • Tightrope rig,

  • Balloon Modelling 

  • Training Peg Stilts - child (and adult) sizes,

  • Circus ring and backdrop to complete the circus scene

  • Circus arts and craft area 

  • Fire circus mini show for the ultimate party finale!


Also Available:

dec teach hoop
balloon modelling kids
Noah gym ribbon at party July 2020
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