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Bubblemania is taking over the world! We've spent the last few year perfecting our special bubbles and can offer you incredibubble entertainment for any event.

It's no secret that everyone loves bubbles, here at Circus Brighton we have a unique Bubblemania package available, making it perfect for small and large events, parties and outdoor venues.

Walkabout Bubblemania - Our Bubblemaniacs will fill the air with bubbles of all sizes with our personally designed and newly invented bubble cart, dancing it’s way through your event. With lights, smoke, bubbles and music this is one addition that will leave your guests talking.

Bubble Showtime! Led by our very own 'Bubble Bee' we have a Bubble stage show, available on it's own or as part of a package with other bubble entertainment.  Educational and highly entertaining, our bubble show is great for schools and party entertainment!

We have a secret unique bubble liquid that enables us to perform bubbley magic and tricks, as well as the bubble storm and popping games that everyone loves! Our first shows at Borde Hill Garden's  special events were SOLD OUT and we couldn't be more excited about all the new bubbley ideas it gave us that we are constantly improving and perfecting ready for your event.

Speak to us now about our Bubblemaniacs!

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