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Graze Festival - Sunday 26th August 2018

To say we were a little excited to be invited to perform at Graze Festival was an understatement. We'd been rehearsing some new children's show pieces and couldn't wait to show our Glow Show in the evening!

As always the great British weather had it's own plan. In came the storm.

The great British public would not be beaten and still came in their raincoats and brollies, battling the heavy downpours and seeking cover to watch the shows where possible.

We salute you! The families who stood under the gazebos and nestled together by the food vendors - you are what makes this country great! Once it was discovered that our stage area was under cover and relatively dry we also had no problem finding volunteers for our show. Bonus.

We also made the discovery that bubbles are fine in the rain - so out we went with our Bubblemania station to bring those important bubbles to the hardy and steadfast crowd. An unexpected side effect soon came to our attention as every participant received a soapy wash whilst they played with the bubblemix. Squeaky clean and smiles all round!

(check out the mini vid of us drying off backstage afterwards).

Amazing day and to top it all off, we discovered we were to perform after the DJ had a surprise proposal on stage completely unknown to him! This was a first for us and in all the excitement I remember thinking 'damn, how on earth are we going to be able to follow THAT as an act?!' but we stormed it (weather pun) and the audience were amazing to boot! But who was to follow us? Only the wedding live on stage! I'll get my coat. (And Cilla hat!)

Check out the photos from the day below and for more info check out their site here:

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