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New Circus Exploration Area

We've updated our circus area for fetes, festivals and events that require a more casual drop in and out feel to experience circus skills.

Events can now book our very popular area with lots of extras to increase the circus experience for participants. Bookings are made in hourly sets to match the length of your event and come with a professional circus performer to demonstrate all skills and give an amazing new experience of the circus.

In addition to our usual popular circus arrangement which includes floor skills such as hula hooping, diabolo, balance equipment, poi spinning, contact staff spinning, juggling, plate spinning, rolla bolla and clown bike (Don't know what something is? Check out the promo video on our home page!) we have now added:

Our full circus ring, backdrop (weather permitted) and borders to create the full circus feel.

Tightrope rig that's the perfect length and height for beginners and children.

Unicycles of all sizes.

Event record board for the top skills that really adds a fun, competitive element to learning a new talent.

A talent show for the children hosted by your circus performer with certificates!

We always receive such great feedback from participants that come and have a go at our circus skill area and this has always been the most popular package, with events booking us back year after year. We're so happy with the new additions we're able to provide for 2020 that will really bring something extra to your special day.

We still offer all the amazing extras such as bubble walkabout, fire shows and mini circus shows, so contact us with your requirements and we can put together the perfect circus entertainment for you.

Contact us early for bookings - we fill up quickly for peak season especially!

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