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How to Become a Circus Performer in the UK: Real-life Inspirations! 🎪

We absolutely adore all aspects of the circus, from the hard work setting up and endless practicing and perfecting, to the excitement and thrill of the performance! The circus world is an enchanting domain where dreams can become reality with dedication and passion. If you've ever envisioned yourself performing under the big top, there are countless inspiring real-life circus performers who have paved the way for aspiring artists like you. In this blog, we'll explore the steps to become a circus performer in the UK, accompanied by the stories of actual circus artists. Additionally, we'll provide links to their online profiles where you can follow their journeys and seek inspiration. Additionally if you wanted to get started by learning hula hoop dance or poi spinning we've got you covered on our YouTube channel HERE!

Step 1: Seek Inspiration from Circus Performers

Billy George (Cyr Wheel/Acrobat): Are you a fan of Britain's Got Talent? If so you may have seen this amazing performer in action! Billy George is a renowned British circus performer specializing in cyr wheel and acrobatics. His performances are a mesmerizing display of strength and grace, leaving audiences in awe.

Billy's journey as a performer began with dance, and he quickly proved himself as a skilled dancer. Seeking to broaden his horizons and explore new avenues of expression, he embarked on a transformative training journey at the prestigious National Centre for Circus Arts. (Our own Lily also trained here!)

It was at this renowned institution that Billy's heart was captivated by the mesmerizing Cyr Wheel. The circular apparatus became his feature discipline, and he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to mastering its intricacies and unlocking its artistic potential.

Today, Billy has rightfully earned the title of the UK's leading Cyr Wheel artist. His performances are nothing short of breathtaking, as he flawlessly spins and dances within the wheel, leaving audiences in awe of his grace and skill.

As a testament to his talent and hard work, Billy is currently gracing the screens of millions as a prominent star on the new BBC prime time TV show, Tumble. The nation has fallen in love with his dazzling performances, and his charisma has garnered a legion of fans.

Billy's journey from a dancer to an acclaimed Cyr Wheel artist and TV sensation is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the nurturing of talent from a young age. He continues to inspire aspiring performers and remains a beacon of excellence in the world of circus arts. Find out more about Billy HERE!

Aurora Galore (Burlesque and Cabaret Artist): We do love our fire dancers and this one is just incredible! Aurora Galore is an exceptional burlesque and cabaret artist known for her captivating performances and elaborate costumes. Her unique blend of circus skills, theatrics, and storytelling has earned her international acclaim. Aurora's journey started with a fascination for the glamorous world of burlesque, and she embraced her love for circus arts along the way.

Not only does Aurora shine as a performer, but she also takes the reins as a show producer, crafting full-length solo acts and large cast shows that showcase her artistic vision and creative brilliance. Her productions are nothing short of mesmerizing, captivating audiences with each carefully curated performance.

With a vivacious and exuberant stage presence, Aurora commands attention from the moment she steps into the spotlight. Her edgy charisma draws the audience into her world, where dance, fire, and a unique creative vision come together to create an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

In a realm where innovation and artistry intertwine, Aurora Galore stands as a trailblazing performer, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of contemporary entertainment. Her performances are a testament to her boundless talent and artistic ingenuity, making her a captivating and current artist unlike any other in the industry. To explore Aurora's dazzling acts, visit her Instagram: @AuroraGalore or through here website HERE

Step 2: Enroll in a Circus School or Workshop

Lots of places around the country have trial sessions so you can have a go at multiple skills and see which is for you! The National Centre for Circus Arts (London) is just one of these and you can check them out HERE Circus Brighton also teaches floor skills such as hula hooping, diabolo, poi spinning and juggling (fire and non fire!) so contact us if you want to have a try - you can check out the hilarious Pete and Joe trying out some of these skills in this video with our Toxi and Lisa!

Step 3: Embrace Continuous Learning and Practice (Do It Your Way!)

Sofie Dossi (Contortionist): Sofie Clarice Dossi, born on June 21, 2001, is a remarkable American contortionist and successful YouTuber who gained widespread recognition during the eleventh season of America's Got Talent in 2016. Hailing from the city of Cypress in southern California, Sofie was homeschooled by her supportive mother, Abir, while her father, Mike, contributed to her career by designing props and assisting as a roadie. Her older brother, Zak, plays a significant role as a producer and collaborator in her YouTube videos. Sofie's diverse cultural background includes Arab descent from her mother's side and Italian heritage from her father's side.

So how did she start?! From a young age, Sofie's talents flourished as she engaged in gymnastics, dance lessons, and even learned to play the classical piano. Her passion for contortion arose when she discovered her ability to flex similarly to a Cirque du Soleil contortionist showcased in a video. At just 12 years old, she embarked on a self-taught journey by emulating poses she found on YouTube while inventing unique ones herself. Soon, her exceptional contortion skills amazed friends and family at gatherings, eventually leading her to perform at larger events. Contrary to online speculations, Sofie's spine remains intact, defying misconceptions about her incredible flexibility.

Her career took a significant leap in 2016 when she appeared on America's Got Talent's eleventh season at the age of 14. Sofie showcased an array of jaw-dropping feats, demonstrating her flexibility, strength, and dexterity. One memorable performance involved her shooting a bow and arrow with her feet while executing a handstand, leaving the audience and judges in awe. The moment that elevated her fame was when guest judge Reba McEntire granted her the "Golden Buzzer" after witnessing her exceptional aerial hoop routine combined with shooting a flaming arrow from a bow with her feet. Although she didn't make it to the top five in the season finals, Sofie's talent and charm resonated with the audience. Check out her YouTube channel HERE!

Step 4: Pursue Formal Education and Certifications

Paulo Dos Santos (Circus Ringmaster): Paulo Dos Santos is currently performing as a charismatic circus ringmaster, known for his captivating stage presence and ability to engage the audience. he discovered his deep-rooted passion for Capoeira, an enthralling Afro-Brazilian fusion of martial arts, dance, and acrobatics.

Despite being described as 'talented' by his Capoeira teacher, Paulo faced a challenge from his fellow students who would taunt him for his height. Standing at 3ft 6in, he encountered skepticism from others who questioned his place in the class, but Paulo was determined to prove them wrong.

With unwavering determination, Paulo showcased his exceptional skills and proved his doubters wrong by securing the first-place victory in a local Capoeira competition. The triumph was a defining moment for him, propelling him on a remarkable journey that would take him to performances all across the globe.

Paulo's talent and dedication led him to Zippos, where he now captivates audiences with his mesmerizing Capoeira performances. His passion for his craft and refusal to be defined by his height serve as an inspiration to many.

Paulo Dos Santos is a shining example of how passion and perseverance can break barriers and redefine expectations. His love for the UK audience is evident, as he receives the respect and admiration he rightfully deserves. With every captivating move, Paulo continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who witness his extraordinary talent and you can discover more about Paulo HERE.

Becoming a circus performer in the UK is an exhilarating journey filled with countless opportunities for growth and expression. By drawing inspiration from real-life circus artists like Billy George, Aurora Galore, Sofie Dossi, and Paulo Dos Santos, you can witness the magic of the circus world come alive. Remember some ways in are to enroll in circus schools, continuously hone your skills, and seek formal education to enhance your abilities. Or maybe, you just do it your own way. Embrace your unique talents, and with dedication and practice, you too can shine under the circus spotlight. Just make sure to stay safe!

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