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Boosting Physical Literacy with Circus Arts: Exciting Insights for Young Performers

Lily Circus Brighton

We've always known that our circus workshops are not just fun but incredibly beneficial for kids. Now, recent academic research confirms what we've seen firsthand: circus arts can significantly boost the physical literacy of children, making our workshops an excellent choice for your child’s development.

What Does the Research Say?

A fascinating study published in the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education explored how circus arts instruction within physical education (PE) impacts children's physical literacy. The study focused on children in Grades 4 and 5 (9-11 year olds) and compared those who participated in circus arts in their PE classes against those who followed a standard PE curriculum.

The results? Quite inspiring! Children involved in circus arts showed remarkable improvements in motor competence, outperforming their peers in standard PE across numerous movement skills. Specifically, Grade 5 kids excelled in 15 out of 18 assessed skills, and Grade 4 students in 7 out of 18 skills. This isn’t just about being able to juggle or balance better; it's about developing a deeper understanding and ability in a wide array of movements.

More Than Just Skills

But the benefits don’t stop at motor skills. The study also highlighted increases in confidence and comprehension of movement terminology among the circus-trained groups. This means our young performers aren't just moving better; they're also growing more confident in their abilities and understanding of physical activities.

What’s more, the research noted a significant stride towards gender equity. The usual gap in motor competence between girls and boys was notably smaller in groups that received circus arts instruction compared to traditional PE classes. This suggests that circus arts are particularly effective in supporting an inclusive environment where all children can thrive regardless of gender.

Brownies Circus Workshop

Why Circus Arts?

Circus arts make learning physical skills exciting and varied, which helps maintain high levels of engagement among children. The skills they learn are not only applicable in the circus tent but also transfer to everyday activities, supporting overall physical development and encouraging a lifelong interest in staying active.

At Circus Brighton, our workshops are designed to harness these benefits, ensuring every child feels capable and motivated. Whether they're tumbling, twirling hoops, or walking the tightrope, students at Circus Brighton experience a class like no other.

Join Us for More Fun and Learning!

Inspired by these findings, we are more committed than ever to providing the best circus arts instruction to our kids. If you’re considering booking one of our circus workshops, this is the perfect time! Our workshops are not just a place to learn circus skills; they are a space where children grow, learn, and succeed while having loads of fun.

Here’s to many more sessions of laughter, learning, and leaps in physical literacy!

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