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Can I book a children's party from 17th May or 21st June?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Quick Look -

After 17th May - Parties for up to 30 people (total) outdoors

After 21st June - INVITE EVERYONE! Indoors and Outdoors, wherever you like!

More details:

With rising excitement to getting back to 'normal' and try to make up for lost birthday parties due to lockdowns, we've been asked whether we can take bookings from 17th May or 21st June 2021 so we wanted to clarify, as far as our knowledge goes, on the difference and what it means for your birthday party or event booking.

Obviously these two dates are not set in stone and subject to change. For this reason any booking and deposit paid will be fully transferrable to a different date, or refunded if the party has to be cancelled due to Government changes or illness, for your peace of mind.

We recommend keeping an eye on the Government website (LINK HERE) to check what is and isn't allowed.

Technically, we have set a 'beginning of July' restart for our parties and event entertainment. This is purely a cautionary measure, mainly due to the last minute nature of changes and hating to disappoint any children. However, we can take bookings from 17th May 2021 onwards if you wish to have a party outside for no more than 30 persons (we count as one or two, depending on the party type selected). Due to the wonderful unpredictable nature of our weather, parties book outdoors can be moved (subject to availability) to a new date if needed at no charge. So, garden and parties in the park can start again from 17th May!

From 21st June 2021 (subject to the Government review etc etc) you could have your party back indoors, with as many children as we can handle for your selected party type - most people love church halls and community centres, leisure centres and such like for booking their parties for the space and a few brave people like to have it at home - this date is for you people. You can rest assured that even if the weather is grim, we'll be bringing the circus sunshine to your party no matter what!

So, these are the two main dates from which you can book a children's birthday party and other event entertainment. Obviously, as with everything, the detail is in the fine print and no date is set in stone, but from the recent announcement these are the two dates we're currently focusing on. Weddings and other events are slightly different and there are some extras we'll make sure are clear as they come up, such as whether we will require outdoor access to your space or we can come through the house, or whether we'll need to socially distance/wear masks etc, but these will be dealt with on a case by case basis so as not to overwhelm you with data that's not personally relevant.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, questions, or just for a chat (as we're getting pretty desperate for social contact right now!) and I cannot describe how excited we all are to come back and entertain again soon!

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