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Circus Skills Team Building Workshops

Our circus skill team building workshops are available for businesses and groups wanting to learn circus skills in a full and collaborative way.

One Hour Workshops

A great taster for circus skills! We start with a demonstration of all skills including juggling, hula hooping, diabolo, poi spinning, tightrope, contact staff, balloon modelling, plate spinning and balance.

Working around each area groups get the chance to experience and learn a new circus skill, ending in a collaborative performance or team building balloon creation activity.

Circus skills are beneficial to group performance in many ways, as well as being so much fun!

Interactive and fun team building activities

We’ll bring you interactive circus skills challenges and collaborative games your team will enjoy, chat about and completely engage with.

Encourages group problem-solving

Our circus skills and team building tasks help encourage problem solving within your team in a fun and interesting way.


Improve team communication at work

No matter the reason, whether it's a restructure at work or just wanting to improve the way your team manage day-to-day challenges, our circus workshops ensure effective communication and motivate participants. Our professional circus instructors constantly monitor everyone at all times to ensure safety, but elements of risk-taking are a great way to get people talking and working together.

Diversity in the worksplace

Within the circus there is a passion and new skill for everyone's taste. This helps teach respect for each other’s differing abilities and creates a more cohesive and capable team. Everyone brings their own unique value into the mix.

Unites even the most disjointed team in a fun active way. 

Introduces some fun back into the workplace. Everyone loves the Circus! 

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