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School/Children's Circus Workshops

We pride ourselves on our outstanding circus workshops created specifically with the curriculum in mind. 

Circus workshops have been proved to help develop concentration levels, work on left/right brain training and build confidence and are perfect topic starters, rewards and sports sessions and amazing for any level and ability.

Starting with a demonstration from your professional circus instructor, we move the children around the equipment helping with individuals as we go, and ending with a show by the children demonstrating their new skills.

Including diabolo, juggling, poi spinning, contact staff, balance, gym ribbons, plate spinning and hula hooping we can also bring 1:1 instructors for stilt walking, tightrope and acrobatics.

Back to back our workshops run for 50 minutes (to give us time in between to reset) although solo workshops can be for 60-90 minutes.

Designed to work with all ages groups from 4 - 18 years, we have perfected each age group to work at focusing and inspiring each student, whilst having a lot of fun! We can also provide 'History of Circus' booklets if needed at no extra cost.

We also have interactive children's shows and performances available which can work really well in assembly to create a full circus atmosphere.

Our instructors are all DBS/CRB certified for peace of mind and we can provide all documentation and insurances on request.

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