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We're back!

To say I was a little excited would be the understatement of the year! It's Circus Brighton's first circus party since, well, I can't remember when, and I was ready about 4 hours early, just because!

The weather was absolutely beautiful as summer is finally here! The party was booked for a local park as there are still restrictions on how many can gather, with outside areas allowing for up to 30. All the children were arriving as I practically skipped across the park with circus kit in tow and after a few moments I was set up and everyone had dived in to have a go (even the grown ups!).

Starting with the circus equipment demonstration, I soon realised there were some Circus Brighton veterans in the crowd - extremely eager to learn some new skills and practice what they'd learnt from the last party, all those months ago! After the demonstration everyone spread out to have a go before it was onto some tough challenges to work the imagination. Can you juggle whilst standing on one leg? Can you spin around whilst hooping? The children were quick to master all the challenges and it was onto the games before rehearsal time for the big circus show.

All the children were super excited to perform for the grown ups and other children and the show went down a storm. The birthday girl was an amazing ring master, leading the show and fairly deciding who goes next, before it was over way too soon and everyone lined up for their winner certificate.

Bookings for parties are coming in fast so contact us now if you want to book your circus party.

Make their dreams come true!

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